30 Days of Thanks Day 7 – Guest Post by Carryl Robinson

Today I’m privileged to be guest posting over at my friend, Denise’s site, DeeScribes. Each day for the month of November, Denise shares a post of gratitude and thanksgiving for the people in her life. I was thrilled when she asked me to be a part of her month-long expression of gratitude. Join me over there?


Today’s post is written by Carryl Robinson. Carryl and I “met” in an online writing group where we connected over a shared love of music and hockey. Besides writing, what else do you need? Carryl’s writing fills me with hope and makes me consider how I can make my own writing more lyrical. I was thrilled when she agreed to be one of my guests during this year’s 30 Days of Thanks. You can read more of Carryl’s work by visiting her blog, Echoes From The Cave, or by following her on Twitter @CarrylRobinson

For Lynn
(With Gratitude)

It began with sorrow, a gift from a dear friend who was moving half a continent away.  A business card emblazoned with a treble clef staff, and, peering through the “spaces” of the staff, a pair of eyes.  I felt them pierce through me, as if the person connected to that…

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4 thoughts on “30 Days of Thanks Day 7 – Guest Post by Carryl Robinson

  1. I am deeply humbled by these words, and thank you, Carryl, for sharing some of the work we have been doing together in my little voice kiva. You have brightened my life and taught me so much about how to become a better teacher, coach and guide. Here’s to our continued joy of unleashing breath, sound, song, and all matters of voice!!!


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