Zelinsky, Dean


It’s the 2016 A to Z Blog Challenge, so I thought I’d focus on one of my favourite subjects: Guitars.  Care to join me?

Zelinsky, Dean

Dean Zelinsky, founder of Dean Guitars and, more recently, Dean Zelinsky Private Label, is another fairly recent entry into the ranks of guitar manufacturers, but has he ever made a splash in the world of heavy metal and hard rock guitar.  Dean Guitars are characterized by very distinctive headstock and body designs.  In addition to the more “standard” shapes made popular by Gibson and Fender, Dean has designed some very aggressive designs that have become iconic for the brands he’s been associated with.

Dean ML

Dean ML

Dean Zelinsky left Dean Guitars in 2008 to form DBZ Guitars before forming Dean Zelinsky Private Label in 2012.  The same edgy design that characterized Dean Guitars and DBZ Guitars is evident with his Private Label brand.  He has also introduced an innovative neck design (the “Z-Glide“) that is said to allow the player’s hand to slide up and down the neck with greater ease.


His designs have wound up in the hands of the likes of Dave Mustain (Megadeth), Dimebag Darrell (Pantera), Zack Wylde (Ozzy Osbourne), Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) and Billy Gibson of ZZ Top (anyone remember the fuzzy guitars in the “Legs” video?).


DBZ Bird of Prey

DBZ Bird of Prey

I have to admit, his designs aren’t my cup of tea.  I am an acoustic girl at heart, all curves, warm tones, and soft caresses with enough bite and spice to keep things interesting.  A lot of his designs are far too aggressive for my taste, although his Private Label models are much more organic and I like them very much.  I can see how his more aggressive designs would appeal to a certain kind of player, though.



Dean Zelinsky Private Label Lavoce

And so we come to the end of the A to Z Challenge.  I thank you for indulging me while I drooled over my favourite players and manufacturers.  If I have done nothing else during the last month, I have reminded myself of how wide the world of guitars really is.  There’s room enough for all kinds of tastes and styles and players.  And isn’t that absolutely wonderful?  Thanks for coming along for the ride!




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