Page, Jimmy


It’s the 2016 A to Z Blog Challenge, so I thought I’d focus on one of my favourite subjects: Guitars.  Care to join me?

Page, Jimmy

Let’s get this out of the way, shall we?  Jimmy Page is arguably the best rock guitarist ever.  End of post.

You want more?  Oh, okay.

How about a two time member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Once with The Yardbirds and once with Led Zepplin.  Rolling Stone magazine had him listed number 3 in their list of “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.”  Gibson had him at number two on their list of the 50 best guitarists and Classic Rock magazine ranked him fourth on their “100 Wildest Guitar Heroes” list. Even the LA Times identified him as the second best guitarist ever.

The rock guitarists he has influenced includes the likes of Johnny Ramone, Brian May of Queen, Eddie Van Halen, Kirk Hammett of Metallica, Dave Mustaine of Megadeath, Joe Walsh, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Slash, Ritchie Blackmore, Edge, Lenny Kravitz. . . The list goes on and on and on.  His influence even reached beyond guitar players with Mick Jagger, and Steve Tyler citing him as having influenced the production values of their own bands.

He started his career as a session musician, lending his considerable skills to the recording side of the music industry and many of the innovations he introduced came out of that experience.  He experimented with amplification and microphone placement, becoming one of the first producers to record a band’s ambient sound, which meant the recording best reflected what the band actually sounded like in studio.

Beyond the recording studio and concert stage, Jimmy Page was a bit of a train wreck, but there are few who can argue that with a guitar in his hands, Jimmy Page was an absolutely wizard.

Check out some of the following samples of his work:

Rain Song

Solo from “Heartbreaker”

Chopin Prelude No. 4


Ramble On

Dazed and Confused


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