W is for Water


It seems that I’m becoming more comfortable with embracing challenges these days. With that in mind, I’m embracing the A-to-Z Blogging challenge, by writing about the things that I most closely associate with being alive, when I show up and engage with life as fully as possible.

And with that, I give you:


I am the daughter of sea captains weaving schooners through Mount Desert Narrows and amongst the isles of Cranberry and Bear and Swan, flirting with the rocks of Schoodic’s Point before sheltering in the embrace of Somes Sound.

I have the wind and the waves, the salt and the skies coursing through my veins. And like that expanse that provided for my kin, the one that carried them, Thankful, to Plymouth’s shore, I am tempest. I am bounty. I am ever-constant and I am ever-changing.

I am a child of the ocean. Of spray-stiffened resolve and the push-pull of tides. I am fierce, all passion and swells but within my harbor is peace and rest and promise.

When you kiss the tears from my face, will they not bear witness to it again?

I am a child of the sea.


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