D is for Dancing


It seems that I’m becoming more comfortable with embracing challenges these days. With that in mind, I’m embracing the A-to-Z Blogging challenge, by writing about the things that I most closely associate with being alive, when I show up and engage with life as fully as possible.

And with that I give you:


Now don’t get all excited or anything. I’m not into pole dancing, although I have a good friend who tried to get me to go to class with her once, and forget belly-dancing. My hips do not move that way and even if they did, I don’t think I’d ever get them to stop. My friend, though, she’s a great belly-dancer and a samba dancer. I think she knows better than to try to get me to give either of them a go. But you never know. I seem to be in a season of accepting dares, so she might yet get me into a dance class of some sort.

But I do love to dance. The beat and the music gets under my skin and my feet just don’t want to stay still. Maybe it’s the musician in me, I have no idea (although there is a reason I used to play in a band and it had nothing to do with how great – *cough, cough* – a guitar player I am).  Wherever it comes from, my hips somehow find a way of movement that fits and the rest of my body follows. I prefer live bands, something about communicating with a living organism makes me happy beyond words, but if the DJ knows what she’s doing, I can be very happy with a pair of turntables, a mix tape or whatever playlist happens to be going. I don’t country dance well but give me classic rock, ‘80s pop or dance music? Oh, yeah. I’m all over that like white on rice.

I know it’s a cliché, sue me, but one of my favourite sayings (also made into a decent song by Kathy Mattea) is: “Sing like you don’t need the money, love like you’ve never been hurt, dance like no one is watching.” I say two out of three isn’t bad and it’s a jolly good thing most of the places I go to dance have very dim lighting.

And yes, I’ve heard everything “they say” about dancing and what it means or doesn’t mean or whatever. When the music calls me, I have to answer. I have to get out on the dance floor and find my groove. My heart gets to pounding and everything just seems to fall into place. For a time, whatever heartaches or cares I may have melt away and it’s just me and the beat and the rhythm. For as long as the music plays.


2 thoughts on “D is for Dancing

    • It’s funny how sometimes the things we think we don’t do well end up being the things we can actually excel in. I don’t think I’ll be making an appearance on “So You Think You Can Dance” anytime soon, though.

      Thank you for stopping by, Liz!

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